Spastex-130 Volume 1

Posted 04 / 20
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“Spastex-130 Volume 1”

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    whats your fav spastex sandy?they are all great and the best mw2 series on youtube but if i only had to pick 1 i think it would be spastex 3?

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    I remember watching this when it just was released. Man, those days were epic.

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    Wow, this is insane. i just watched all of your spastex-130 videos again(ive watched them several times) and i just have to say that im amazed by you. Hope to see some awesome Mw3 gameplay soon (:

    Erik J
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    @carl: hmmm im not sure… my fav would prolly be spastex 2

    Sandy Ravage
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    what device do you use to capture video/audio? i know there are a lot out there. your thoughts?

    Jorel NBF
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    What perks do you use with your Spas-12 and Ump?


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